I started out on YouTube in January (2018). Had a lot of ideas and thought I could make them into short videos and maybe get some payments out of them. Making videos takes a lot of time so if they gain some revenue it would give me more time to make them. This is the first article on my progress.
YouTube monetization January statistics
As I mentioned in my previous article about YouTube monetization, I will provide a regular update about my statistics to give you an idea of the progress a single YouTuber without a large fan base gets. I do not do a lot of marketing but try to upload videos on a weekly basis. Lets get started.
YouTube monetization January
Another month has passed so it's time for an update on the YouTube progress. I haven't been very active for the last 4 weeks so progress is slow. Recorded a new video today about YouTube monetization and have two more ready to record.
Youtube monetization march
You made a YouTube video, published it and now you want to share it with the video thumbnail. First time I came across this myself I found out that the default thumbnail for you video is very small. You go to your "Creator Studio" page on YouTube and save the thumbnail of your video. Right click and then "Save image as". This gives you an image of 120px wide and 90px height. Very small. So where are the larger images?
YouTube thumbnail small size
You created a website, created a Twitter account and now you want an easy way for visitors of your website to follow you on Twitter. There are modules out there to handle this for you but I like to keep the number of modules installed to a minimum and there is a very easy way to handle a follow button using custom blocks.
Create Twitter follow block in Drupal
For this tutorial I am using an Ubuntu 16.04 LTS install. I already installed Apache2, Php 7.0 and MySql 5.7 on my machine. Drupal needs these to work. I am using a local install and my local site is accessible through http://localhost. At the end of the tutorial we should have a working Drupal 8 installation.
Download Drupal
Yesterday I finished the basic website and put it online. Today started with the first article. Tried to make a YouTube video for the "YouTube Monetization" article but didn't finish yet. At the end of the day I sometimes play a game to clear my head. Thinking of putting the gameplay videos on the site as well.
You created a YouTube channel, uploaded some videos and now you want to create an easy way for people to subscribe to your channel. In a previous tutorial I showed you how to add a subscription button to your website (this tutorial) but sometimes you want to put the subscription in a link for instance to include in a Facebook post or a Tweet.
You installed a basic Drupal 8 website, created a few articles and now you want to customize the way the content pages look. When you go to “Manage Display” you can re-order fields but you can’t put them in regions. Display Suite is the module designed to do just that. It offers extra regions on the “Manage Display” page with a drag-and-drop fields interface. There are different layouts with different sets of regions. You can move fields around without writing a single line of code.
Download Display Suite from Drupal
Today working was working on two articles. The one about the Display Suite Module is in progress and I published a new article called "Add YouTube subscribe button". Writing explanatory articles is difficult at first. I do a lot of rewrites but getting better at it. Still a bit behind on the videos that go with the articles.