22-08-18 Resuming streaming and video creation


It has been a while since the last entry but here we are again. For the last month I started developing in Unity3D. Have to learn from scratch so it will take a while to complete my first game there but so far it feel very intuitive. I have started to port my BubbleShooter game to a 3D version and started developing a new game also in 3D.

Last week I started recording YouTube tutorial videos again. Started with a short video on Unity (http://bit.ly/2N4z7bt). Hope I have the time to make more of them.

This week I started up streaming too. Started out as a relax and get my head cleared item but to make streaming work you need to stick to a schedule. So lets try to do that for the upcoming weeks and see how that turns out (https://www.twitch.tv/dolphin74).

Lastly I started to write articles on my website again.