It has been a while since the last entry but here we are again. For the last month I started developing in Unity3D. Have to learn from scratch so it will take a while to complete my first game there but so far it feel very intuitive. I have started to port my BubbleShooter game to a 3D version and started developing a new game also in 3D.
Starting a new app project today. Scheduled for release in three to four weeks. Simple video and photo app with additional features for people traveling. Uploaded a new Android tutorial video and joined Patreon.
I finished the update for the I Quit Smoking app this week. Tested it in beta yesterday and it is going to production today. Added two new features.
Yesterday I finished the basic website and put it online. Today started with the first article. Tried to make a YouTube video for the "YouTube Monetization" article but didn't finish yet. At the end of the day I sometimes play a game to clear my head. Thinking of putting the gameplay videos on the site as well.
Today working was working on two articles. The one about the Display Suite Module is in progress and I published a new article called "Add YouTube subscribe button". Writing explanatory articles is difficult at first. I do a lot of rewrites but getting better at it. Still a bit behind on the videos that go with the articles.