You created a YouTube channel and uploaded your first videos. You created an Instagram account and started uploading photos. You created a website and are writing articles on it. Whatever the platform and content, it is time to get noticed. This is my story...
How to get noticed among all the content online
Welcome to another update in the YouTube Monetization series. In this series I keep you informed on my progress to become a monetized youtuber. If I come across tips and tricks I will share them here. This is the fourth month since I started uploading videos to YouTube and I still have a lot to learn.
YouTube monetization Update April
Over the last couple of weeks there was a lot of anger about the Facebook privacy blunders. On Twitter there was the #DeleteFacebook hashtag and there where other initiatives in various countries. But getting away from Facebook is easier said than done. One of the reasons is the Facebook built tracking software which is used by a lot of apps.
Facebook privacy - Facebook tracking by popular apps
I started out on YouTube in January (2018). Had a lot of ideas and thought I could make them into short videos and maybe get some payments out of them. Making videos takes a lot of time so if they gain some revenue it would give me more time to make them. This is the first article on my progress.
YouTube monetization January statistics
As I mentioned in my previous article about YouTube monetization, I will provide a regular update about my statistics to give you an idea of the progress a single YouTuber without a large fan base gets. I do not do a lot of marketing but try to upload videos on a weekly basis. Lets get started.
YouTube monetization January
Another month has passed so it's time for an update on the YouTube progress. I haven't been very active for the last 4 weeks so progress is slow. Recorded a new video today about YouTube monetization and have two more ready to record.
Youtube monetization march