In the last few years, Twitch has become the premier platform for streamers. Twitch's huge user base makes it attractive to anyone to gain a large audience, and earn a living in the process. For the longest time, this benefit was restricted to the highly successful chosen few. Thankfully, Twitch has an affiliates program as a means of getting smaller streamers verified so they too can start earning money and building an audience.
How to get verified on Twitch
You made a YouTube video, published it and now you want to share it with the video thumbnail. First time I came across this myself I found out that the default thumbnail for you video is very small. You go to your "Creator Studio" page on YouTube and save the thumbnail of your video. Right click and then "Save image as". This gives you an image of 120px wide and 90px height. Very small. So where are the larger images?
YouTube thumbnail small size
You created a YouTube channel, uploaded some videos and now you want to create an easy way for people to subscribe to your channel. In a previous tutorial I showed you how to add a subscription button to your website (this tutorial) but sometimes you want to put the subscription in a link for instance to include in a Facebook post or a Tweet.